The team takes a look behind the scenes...what exactly happens once the races is over... the jockeys to the horses. Woodbine teaches us how exactly to bet and all the many options. We meet Doug McPherson, quarter horse handicapper at Ajax Downs. Agents Gary Kemplen vs. Neal Wilson go Head 2 Head.. who came out on top! Jen picks her Gem - Spanish Blessing. We meet Owner Frank Di Giulio, Jr a find out how exactly he got involved in the industry. Check out the latest news within the industry.


Episode Five focus' on the Annual CTHS Yearling Sale. We catch up with a few Owners and Trainers at the Yearling Sale and they tell us how exactly the Yearling Sale works and what to look for when at the Sale. Our At the Barn segment: we meet Ashley Banko who has been involved in the industry for 15 years. Be An Owner: We meet new Owners Pipers Heath Golf Course and we learn how they started within the industry Let's Make a Bet: Jen and Jason introduce viewers to Woodbine's Jackpot Hi5 which will pay out at next weekend's Ricoh Mile. Follow Jen's Jem: Silent Sonnet.  Congratulations to Nicolle our contest winner! Head 2 Head has Jockey, Sheena Ryan vs. Jockey Agent, Steve Roberts... Who will win???


Episode Four introduces viewers to the famous E.P. Taylor turf race track at Woodbine Racetrack. The begins with the upcoming Breeders' Stakes, the third jewel in Canada's triple crown. The team introduces us to Trainers Mike De Paulo and Kevin Attard who have horses in this years Breeders' Stakes as they give their opinion on handicapping and Making the right Bet! In Be An Owner we meet Jim Menzies from Piano Bar Stables, Jen focus on the next best horse to bet on in Jen's Gems and Jockey Agents Ken Zweig vs. Mike Luider in this edition of Head 2 Head. MAKE SURE TO ENTER OUR CONTEST!! TWEET YOUR SELECTION FOR THIS SUNDAY'S BREEDERS STAKE TO @TALKIN_HORSES, IF YOUR HORSE WINS YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN A LIMITED TALKIN' HORSE RACING TSHIRT!!!!