Episode Nine - Now Available

On this epsiode - the team answers your question on what exactly is the horses routine from the stall to training to the races. Trainer Santino DiPaola shows us  Lyla D's routine. Then we go back to the basic's with racing fan Julie McNiven as she shows us how to make a bet! Jen tell's us which horse will be her Gem to watch out for. Next we meet hotwalker Jordan Freeman as he tell's us of his journey into the racing industry. We meet first time Owner's Jim and Graeme Bruce, then Vet Dr. Bonder takes on Trainer John Mattine in Head 2 Head! What an action packed espiode. Watch it now!

Episode Eight - Now Available

In this episode the team recaps last weekends Breeders Cup, meet Catherine Day Phillip' groom Nicki Brolley, Jockey Agent Jordan Miller teaches us how to bet..... with only 20 cents! We find out what made new owners Rob Marzilli and Jim Fera get involved within the industry and on Head 2 Head... Father and Son; which Gonzalez will come out on top! Plus Jen picks her Gem...Watch it now